Reservations can be made on our app and website.
1. Pick your preferred service partner.
2. Select the party size, date and the time of the reservation. You can see the discount you get based on the time you select, prior to reservation/booking
3. Log in you account or fill in your personal information.
4. You will receive an email and/or SMS of the reservation / booking confirmation with code and reservation / booking details.

In most cases, you will get the reservation / booking discount on the full bill, unless specifically mentioned under the Menu/ Description / Details section of the service partner. However this discount may not apply to items already discounted or under any other promotion of the service partner.

In such cases, you can email us at hello@klapdealz.com and we shall be happy to check with the service partner if they can accommodate. Please give us at least one working day to confirm such bookings.

In such cases, you have two options:
1. Cancel your existing booking at least 1 hour before the reservation / booking time and you can reserve again for a different date or time. Cancelling your reservation beforehand helps our service partners to manage their resources well. Not showing up for more than 3 reservations may get your account suspended.
2. Gift it to your friend and ask them to inform the service partner to honour the gift.

It allows you to make and keep track of all your reservations/bookings and simplifies your booking, not requiring you to put your contact details repeatedly.

You can make up to 5 different reservations/bookings in future. However you cannot make multiple concurrent reservation/booking with the same service partner at the same time.

The service partner will try his best to accommodate as soon as he has the spare capacity available. However please inform the service partner that you are earlier than your reservation/booking time. Otherwise, we appreciate your patience. Similarly, if you are a bit late, service partner will try his best to accommodate as soon as he has the spare capacity available. However, you may have to cooperate with the service partner, as they may not be able to provide the same discount as in the reservation/booking, since you are late.

Yes, of course. Please ensure that you provide the right email address for receiving the reservation details. You may or may not receive SMS confirmation depending on our tie up with your telecom company.

Your unbiased feedback is very important and can help other customers to choose the service partners wisely. It will also help our service partners to strive and delivery better service and get more customers.